180 videos filmed in full HD with easy to follow step-by-step instructions for each recipe. Cooking with a chef by your side every step of the way makes creating great food easy!

The Video Cookbook also includes over 900 delicious photos taken by our professional photographer.

Nine categories including; Tasting Plate, Fundamentals, Tasty Treats, Basic Cakes, Fancy Cakes, Biscuits & Bites, Savouries, and Breads

Choose between USA / Imperial or International / Metric cookery measurements when you first start the app.

Easily add ingredients from each recipe to the shopping list.

Glossary of terms with audio for difficult to pronounce and foreign bakery terms.

Yum yum yum!!!! So many delicious recipes it's hard to choose which one to bake next.... I also have the Video Cookbook which I love but this App certainly hits the spot. It looks fantastic and is very easy to use. I also love the video with each recipe!! It really makes baking a breeze. I definitely recommend purchasing this App.

Top App ★★★★★
-by JadeGrylls

Perfect app if you have a sweet tooth and passion for cooking desserts! It has basic recipes as well as advanced for those who like a challenge like myself! The in-app purchases allows you to choose which categories you want at a very affordable cost. Well done Futura Group!

-by Drp11n

There goes the waist line! I thought the cookbook was great but this just makes my mouth water!

Keep it coming! ★★★★★
-by Cheffo1

I thought baking cakes was really difficult, but after watching these videos and photos... I think I can do it!!

Wow! ★★★★★
-by fullviewdesign
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